mugshot2016I’m a historian and independent scholar who received his PhD in U.S. history in December 2015 from the University of California at Santa Cruz. I’ve written articles and reviews for the Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, the Journal of American Ethnic History, and the Journal of American Studies. My dissertation, Mediating America: Black and Irish Press and the Struggle for Citizenship, 1870-1914, won an honorable mention in the Margaret A. Blanchard Prize, given by the American Journalism Historians Association for best dissertation dealing with mass communication or journalism history. My book based on the dissertation was published in January 2019 by Temple University Press.

I’ve taught U.S. history and served as a writing tutor to inmates at San Quentin State Prison, through a fully accredited (A.A. degree) program run by Mt. Tamalpais College (formerly the Prison University Project).

I live in Berkeley, California.

Please feel free to contact me at brian.shott@gmail.com.